Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Just a "lately" post!

Here are few pictures from the last few weeks!  
Aunt Amanda and Uncle Jason came to visit us!  Brant loves these two and had a blast at a baseball game with them.  
We were so thankful that they came and played with Brant so that we could finish up our guestroom.  We had to paint, and we knew that would be a hard task with little hands and feet in the room.  I love how it turned out.  Next project is Brant's big boy room.
Then Brant ended up home for a few days.  So daddy took a day and mommy took a day.  Daddy had the first and worst day though.  I text him to see how it was going his response was the picture below... and he said this is the only way he will sleep.  Poor guy.  
My day was a little better but I got a lot of we snuggled a lot.  This is not an usually view for me though with both of these guys at my feet.  
Best friends in the making....Brant will get Buster's toy and take it to the door sometimes.  So sweet and funny!
The Walker's came to visit.  These two were much more interactive this time.
He loves to splash now that he knows it wets mommy too.
Brant does not sleep with us, and he usually refuses to sleep in our bed but I got out of the shower the other day and found this.  So sweet!!!

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Lauren and Nick Miller said...

He is so cute & so big!! Can't wait to see him tomorrow night! He's gonna look like a haus next to Scarlet;)