Monday, March 10, 2014

Trip to DC/Baltimore

We had such a great trip.  Brant did awesome the whole time.  He had some trouble sleeping, but that was due to his cough and teething.  We loved getting to spend time with family and have a little get away.
Brant loved looking out at the snow...
Sweet time with Aunt Iris
Lots of fun with uncle Chris
The boys were able to go skiing one day.  I was jealous.
Brant and Luxie became best friends
Brant's first trip to the zoo
We all met Natalie and loved her including Brant.  Her and uncle Sam are turning him into a Raven fan.
We had a night out with the families.
Then it was time to head back home.
Brant did so good on all the flights except one.  Our flight was late leaving which caused Brant to tucker out before we boarded.  By the time we took off he was wide awake and stayed that way.  He went back and forth from my lap to Ike's the entire flight.  All together he was such a great traveler I might would even try it with two...maybe.

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