Friday, March 21, 2014

Someone has a birthday tomorrow!

Your birthday is tomorrow!!!!!!   I don't even know how it could possibly be a whole year since you came into our lives.  I am much more emotional about this than I imagined. We had no idea just how much our lives would change or just how much we could possibly love you.  This morning as we watched you on the monitor as we do every morning, we said as we say every morning..."I just love that baby".  We can't seem to love on you enough or kiss those sweet cheeks, which you clearly got from your mother, sorry baby but yours are adorable!  We have loved watching you learning and grow.  We get so excited about every new thing you do (and you love to be cheered for), and spend a great deal of time telling each other about things you do.  Your little personality has really developed!  I remember in the hospital you were particular about nursing and the nurse told us this may just be a little insight into his personality!  Boy was she right!  Things may change but at this stage you act a lot like your mother sometimes.  This was very evident as you fell down this morning and threw a fit like the floor was responsible for your fall.  You don't do anything you don't want to, and you are very expressive.  You can get the most mad ever and can also be the most happy/excited ever.... whatever you are it is to the extreme and dramatic.  You are also a very affectionate baby and are always hugging and kissing us, and constantly want us to hold you and cuddle you (no complaints from us, daddy and I both love it).  You have to be in the same room as us at ALL times!  You need a buddy for sure!  All those things are just like me.  But you have some of your daddy in you too...  You never sit still, ever!  You walked quickly because you have to much to "do" to be laying or crawling.  One of your nursery workers told us once that you were fussy because you already wanted to be on the go.  You are extremely friendly!  You love to be around other people and are always on your best behavior around other people.  The other day you were pitching a fit in the bathtub and Aunt Molls walked in and you stop IMMEDIATELY like nothing ever happened! Such a people person!  If you do something and we say ouch or scream you WILL continue to do it like splashing in the tub!  You love to get a reaction from us.  That is SOOO your daddy!  It is so fun seeing different sides of our personalities in you.

You are a perfect addition to our family.  We are looking forward to many many more years and memories with you.  Here is a little look back at your first year....  

      (quite long for any blog viewers)
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