Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Our big adventure

Brant went on his first vacation!  We really wanted to make it to see Aunt Iris, Rose, Chris, and Sam before I was too pregnant to travel so we decided to make it happen.  Ms. Susie had also mentioned wanting to visit so we ask her to come too.  It was nice to have a 3 to 1 ratio on the baby.  I was nervous leading up to the trip about how Brant would do, how we would maneuver all of our stuff through the airport and make our connections etc...  
We were scheduled to take off Thursday morning.  Wednesday night our flight in Atlanta got cancelled so they re-booked us for later in the afternoon and seemed sure that flight would be fine.  So bright and early we flew from Jackson to Atlanta...Brant was amazing!  He played until take and then slept until landing. 

So by the time we get to Atlanta the flight is already cancelled.  We were booked and re-booked so many times I lost count.  I knew one thing I DID NOT want to spend the night in an airport with Brant.  Not that he had any trouble sleeping...He got comfortable!
made new friends..

Played with daddy
But after several cancelled flights and receiving the information that hotels were filling up quickly.  We booked a very expensive room for the night, and started making our way to the hotel.  
We (not including Brant who had EVERYTHING he needed to be comfortable including PJ's) didn't have any thing as far as clothes and things.  So Ike and I took a taxi to wal-mart to get a few things.  This night turned out to be pretty great in my opinion.  We ordered pizza, watched American Idol, and played with Brant.  He seemed to enjoy the new place.  Hotels have baby beds woohoo!  That was nice!
So the next morning we had an early flight out of Atlanta.  All went well.
Brant was great again and was asleep by take off and slept the entire time!
We are excited to arrive in DC and see family! 
even if we didn't have any luggage....

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