Monday, March 2, 2015


Having two can be challenging, and just when we thought we had this thing down our world was rocked again.  But I have to say, I LOVE it!  These two are becoming the best of friends, and things are double the fun for sure.  Both of these boys are just what we needed at just the right moment. Praise the Lord.
Here is a peak into our little world and an attempt to catch up...even though Christmas is still not posted yet.  
A double stroller best money spent.  I feel like I have some flexibility to take them both places.  They love being beside each other.
Baths are getting more and more fun!
Brant and Paw.  He loves his Paw (and tractor rides)
Uncle Crispy and Auntie Rose made a stop in to see us!

Playing together and sharing.  Brant is such a sweet brother and is always willing to share with Spence.  I let Brant get his own fruit snacks out of the box...every single time he gets a pack for him and takes Spence a pack.  It melts my heart every time!
Brant likes to be sure Spence has toys to play with....
They both love to hang out on our bed...

We love the park, and our little dare devil already climbing monkey bars!
Supper time is easier now that Spence is eating food too.
Daddy had to take care of the sickly boys...

Meme and Paw came to visit us...  The boys were both tickled to see them. 

Look at those cheeks..
Daddies' boy...Spence loves his daddy!!
Where we spend a lot of our time....

Hanging out with sweet friends.

We are eat up with these two...

Thank you, Lord for these blessings.

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JonathanandSarah said...

Do you get asked if the boys are twins often? We get asked if our boys are twins all the time, and they're two years apart! I feel like people would ask you since they're so close together and have some similarities :).