Friday, March 6, 2015

Brant 22 and 23 months

Brant is such a funny little guy!  He has really seemed to grow up in the last few months.  He definitely understands 98% of what we are saying.  He is pretty good at following commands.  Brant is really such a sweet, good hearted, well behaved child.  Our ONLY issue with him is whining.  Ike and I were just discussing how he has never really gotten into anything that he is not suppose to.  He usually complies when we say no to something (it may be accompanied with a little whining sometimes). 

He loves to swing at the park!  If the swings are full he will go back and forth until someone gives one up for him!   
Daddy took him to the grocery store and let him ride in the  germ filed car!  He loved it!
He is NOT into pictures and refuses to look usually!!!  ALMOST ALL of my childhood pictures I look perturbed to have to take a picture.  My payback I guess.   
The best I could get...

The paci...  Oh I thought we were over the paci.  Some where in the last two months it has become an issue.  He was taking it only at bed time, but now he will go in his room and get it out of the bed.  I'm not sure what is going on...  But 2 is quickly approaching and I'm hoping to totally get rid of it.  He knows it's for bedtime though.  If you say are you ready for night night he will throw it down.  This particular paci is Spence's.  He takes what he can get.
He's a sweets man.  He loved licking the icing from the beaters
Aunt Mols got him a Gigi's cupcake!  The pictures speak for themselves of how much he loved it!

Brant is so much fun!!  He just melts our hearts!

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