Friday, March 27, 2015


 One of the things I pray is that our boys will be close.  I am amazed at how much they already love each other.  Brant really is so good at being a big brother.  He is always concerned about Spence.  He makes sure he has everything he needs.  He takes him toys, gives him water cups, food, HIS (meaning Brant’s) beloved paci if need be.  He is the best at sharing.  I have mentioned before he gives him fruit snacks, but he has started to notice that we are not opening Spence’s so now he will tell us “Open” regarding Spence’s fruit snacks.  Woops.  He always asks where he is.  The other night Spence woke up crying (terrible ear infection) and it woke Brant too.  I went in to settle Brant down, and he was very concerned about his brother.  He was saying “Penth, Penth”… Once I told him I was going to take care of Spence he laid right down…   His name is often the first thing Brant says in the morning.  And Spence just lights up when he sees Brant.  They are both just more content when the other is around.
Now this sounds all rosey, but we definitely have our off days.  Truly though these two are crazy about each other and it makes this mommy very happy!!    

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