Friday, March 27, 2015

Happy 2nd birthday Brant!

I just cannot believe how fast two years has gone by!  I feel like it was yesterday we were celebrating being pregnant and anxiously awaiting his arrival!
Here he is a big 2 year old! 
His birthday party was Cars themed!  It is still one of his favorites.  He is constantly saying Mater.
It was kind of a surprise party.  Not because we planned it that way, but since he didn't really understand what a party was this year.  He went down for his nap and we decorated the house, and we waited until everyone was there to wake him up.  So he came out to all the decorations and family everywhere.  I think he was pleased.  
Our attempts at a family picture...I sure love this bunch!

Here is Brant with his cousin, Kendall and his best buddy, Gray.  We I decided that we would only have family and Gray this year.  I know that next year Brant will want to invite his buddies, and I thought one more year of family would be good.  When I say just family that still means 25-30 people!
Brant was not in the best of moods for the party.  He just wasn't feeling great!  Aunt Amanda and Uncle Jason drove down just for the party!!
Aunt Molly and Spence-a-poo.
Meme and Paw of course!
Brant and Nana!

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