Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Weekend review

Friday afternoon I picked Brant up after nap, and we headed to Tupelo for Kyle's baby shower.  He was a great little rider.  Some how we only brought ONE movie and it was only 30 minutes!  There was no way either of us could handle the same one for 3 hours.  So we made a little stop and of course got more snacks, and we were all set!
Doesn't she just look adorable!

Brant stayed with Paw and Uncle Jason...and was up WAY pasted his bed time!  
Here he is playing wheel barrow with Meme.
Breaking in Kyle's toys...

By the time we made it to shop he was done!!  Paw and I tried to take turns but he wore us out.  So Paw's solution was a rug in the buggy...
We headed back Saturday afternoon, and he did great again!  He was perfect the whole trip!  

Spence was back at home with Daddy...I was getting pictures and videos.  Daddy was trying to give me a heart attack.  Spence was standing up and eating Cheetos!!!   

 After Church Sunday...  Poor Spence.

this was almost exactly a year ago...He's a big boy now.

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