Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Brant update

Then Mid May it was like a switch went off!  I felt like he grew up over night.  He is talking like crazy which I think helped with all the fits and whining.  It has seriously been like an explosion of speech.  We are loving it!

He absolutely loves to be outside.  He likes his pool and he LOVES his sandbox! 
He's started to mock us which is just funny!  
He loves winding down at the end of the day with popcorn and a movie with his daddy.  

He would eat nothing but sugar if I would let him!

Brant is our independent child there is no doubt about that.  He will play for hours by himself and is very organized and detailed.  He loves unpacking and organizing the groceries...  Always such a great helper.  He even helped unload the dishwasher this weekend.  He is always so proud of himself.  His note from school always says such a good helper.
He's a great big brother...
Ha!  He really is!  He loves Spence and is always concerned about him.  Now he also loves to boss him around and lay on him too (which Spence absolutely hates).

I love every age and stage but right now this maybe my favorite.  He is so much fun!  

Our absolute FAVORITE!

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Jaimee Granberry said...

I feel like Grey changed overnight too! What a fun age!!