Thursday, June 18, 2015

Summer catch up

Here is a quick recap of our summer so far..

In April we got a text from our renters that they would need to go ahead and move out.  I had a small panic attack because I knew that meant we had to one. pay the WHOLE mortgage on 2 houses and two. work and get the it either ready to sell or rent.  Ike and I spent a weekend making changes and working on getting it ready to put it on the market.  Over the 7 years of our marriage we have put some blood, sweat, and tears into this little house.  It will always be special to us.
We have stayed outside AS MUCH as possible!  Both boys love to be outside.  They love the little swimming pool Aunt Manda got them!  Brant is still a huge fan of the sand box too.  I have yet to let Spence try that. 
We love to swing!
Everyone loves having supper outside especially me!

A trip to Lowe's of course is always in order.
Uncle Sam made a quick visit!
Four wheeler riding with Granddaddy.
A few play dates with Gray.
We always love for the Walkers' to come visit!  

Ike and I had our 7 year anniversary!  We celebrated by visiting Baby Kyle (more on him to come).  I truly feel so lucky to get to do life with this guy!  

and that's about it!

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