Monday, June 22, 2015

Happy 11 months Spence!

HAPPY 11 MONTHS!! (May 25)
  • Weight: We haven't weighed him in a while but I don't think it has changed much from 27 lbs
  • Size: diaper-5 and an 18 month is most comfortable but you can do a 12 month
  • Your two little bottom teeth have finally started peeking through
  • great sleeper most of the time.  If he does wake up he does not even try to find the paci.  He just screams till I come in and give it to him then he is right back asleep.
  • He can drink from his cup only now
  • Taking several steps at time and can stand alone.
  • No change here....Food:  Loves to eat!  He eats any and everything. 
  • He is now taking whole milk.  He had a stomach bug and started refusing formula so I just decide to make the switch, and he has done really well.
  • Spence is the boss around our house.  He's the happiest baby ever until...  And then he can out scream and fight us all.  He's SO stubborn determined!
  • Loves:
    • opening cabinets and drawers
    • animal crackers
    • veggie straws
    • being held
    • walking
    • anything Brant has
    • being naked
    • water and he is fearless, he will stick his little face under and thinks it is the funniest thing ever
    • for us to cheer for or laugh at him

 We say he's a man's man because he wants to hang out with the guys already.

Sweet boy

I thought he was so cute in these little overalls!  I wanted to get a few 11 month pictures, but he was not having it.

Our little blondy baby

 Oh the stomach bug, teething, and I think a slight ear infection struck poor Spencey all at once.  After that he entered the stage where he will not let us out of his sight without screaming.

I can't believe it is almost his 1st birthday.  I have said this a thousand times Spence was the perfect addition!  We are all 3 crazy about him.

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