Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Mamaw and Papaw Crews

It's been so long since I posted.  Life has thrown us a few curve balls lately. 
 My grandmother has had cancer. The doctors decided Mid-April to put both her and my grandfather (her husband) on hospice.  We were aware they both had conditions that were ultimately terminal.  BUT we just KNEW they had at least a good year.  My dad called on Wednesday the next week and said that my mamaw didn’t look good, and maybe I should plan to come home.  By Friday of that week they had admitted her with a blocked intestine, and she was not strong enough for surgery.  I went home to stay the weekend at the hospital with her.  The doctor told my dad and his brothers and sisters they would be making some tough choices soon.  They put in some type of NG tube and said it could POSSIBLY remove the blockage (they did not act hopeful).  The first night she was in the hospital, my 9 month pregnant sister and I stayed with her.  My sister never took her eyes off her all night.  We just knew this was it.  By Sunday, She was up talking and demanding I bring my boys to see her.  It was crazy, and later that week she went home with no blockage.  She wasn’t 100%, but better.  Just a testimony to her strength and The Lord’s timing.  In the midst of all that my papaw realized she was not doing well.  I truly believe he was determined to go on before her and he did shortly after this.
 May truly brought a whirlwind of emotions for our family.  My grandparents passed away within a week of each other.   I love these two so much.  I am thankful for the time I had with them and all the memories I will forever cherish.

The boys hang out with Meme and Paw at the hospital waiting to see Mamaw because she was insistent that I was to bring them up.

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