Thursday, July 9, 2015

Brant update

This guy is a mess!  Here he is eating his favorite honey buns (or donuts).  I don't know if it is a phase or what but he hardly ever eats at night! He really only wants to eat sweets! The doctor ask at his two year appointment, "Does he eats some fruits and veggies?"  NOPE.  She says keep trying so I will....
 He loves his Paw.
 This is the only half decent picture of him from picture day.  We are going through another phase.  We had a few weeks of really really good. And now he seems so tired and fussy in the afternoons.  Maybe he is growing.
 It melts my heart how much he loves Kyle.  Like refuses to let us take him from him.  He says, "I got you." over and over to Kyle.
 He loves looking at books.
 And as always watching movies and eating popcorn with Daddy!
Things from this month:

  • Brant is such a fun little boy!  He loves wrestling with daddy and Spence (who is not a fan yet). 
  • Playing with cars and mega blocks.  He is definitely into all things boy!  
  • He weighed 30 lbs at his 2 year appointment.  She also said he had shot up in height.  One time she mentioned he was a little short, but now he is in the 65th percentile!  Maybe that is why he is so tired!  
  • He's started coming in our room to wake us up in the mornings early.  One time this week it was 3:45 am.  Any suggestions on how to keep a toddler in bed??  He can open the door so that does not work.
  • He has also started just busting out crying if we say no or discipline him in any way.  Like we are eating out and we whisper, "Brant do not throw food."  And he starts screaming crying. UH.  What to do?
  • He's so sweet.  He loves on all three of us, and is ALWAYS looking out for Spence. 
  • Talking so much!
  • He has started cheering for mommy and daddy if we go potty.  So maybe we are close...

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JonathanandSarah said...

Owen doesn't really eat dinner either (2.5 yrs). I just try to make the times he does eat as good as possible. I make a chocolate smoothie that has avocado, banana, and dates in it if all else fails. It tastes like a chocolate shake.