Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Weekend(s) recap

I have started writing weekend post several weekends in a row and some how they never got finished.  So here you have it a weekends recap instead!

Memorial day was right after Kyle was born so we of course wanted to spend it loving on him and his parents!

PLUS it was time for the boys to meet their new cousin!  
I love this Spence looks like "I got a new WHAT?"
Brant loved him too!

Amanda and Jason had so much family visiting that they got us a hotel room.  The boys LOVED it! However, we did NOT sleep great!  Spence was teething so he was up a lot which in a hotel room means EVERYONE is up!  

Then more time with this guy

This was our anniversary!  Happy 7 years to this guy!  He is such a blessing from the Lord! 
Notice the tired faces 

We had a blast and we are all in LOVE with Kyle already!

Spence got his first hair cut!  He was wonderful!  We just had it trimmed around the ears and back a little.

And this guys got a for real big boy cut.  I took this and I was thankful for the paci or I may have cried.  He looks so grown.
Brant's favorite weekend activity is to pile up and watch a movie of his choosing.  He prefers that we ALL 4 sit together, and I love it!

These guys helped me make a pie for Daddy on Father's Day.

Long before Ike and I were ever together I knew he would be a great daddy.  Benefit of knowing him forever.  He's a kind, loving, thoughtful person.  I was not capable of imagining this though...These boys are lucky to have him as their daddy.
I'm so lucky to have this man as my daddy.  He just so happens to also be the best Paw around.

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