Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Trying out a new splash pad!

This Since we were off on Friday for the 4th and Aunt Lala (my sis) was here to help me....we decided to go enjoy one of the local splash pads!  It was loads of fun.  
These two went down this slide at least 100 times!  

We always love hanging out with these guys!  We can't wait to add Spence's BFF in November!  
 While the big boys really liked the splash pad, this little guy loved it!  I was blown away he just took off like he was as big as them. He loved this alligator.  He was getting up on it to sit even pushed off a big kid! 😁 This was the first day that I noticed he no longer crawls!  

 My top 5 things about the splash pad
1. Lots and lots of water spickets!  
2. You can see the kids no matter where they are!
3. Popsicles 
4. Chairs for mommy
5. And most of all...the naps that follow

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