Monday, July 6, 2015

Spence's 1 year pictures and 12 month update

I just knew pictures with Spence would be easy.  He's always so happy go lucky!  Well except picture day of course.  Those teeth were really bothering him.  We still got several that I love.  You will notice there are none with Brant.  He was completely not in the mood. 
I love how the chair pictures turned out most of all!

Mr. Serious is below.  This really is a rare look for Spence.  He LOVES his daddy!

Goodness gracious, we love him!

  • Weight: 25lbs!  The doctor said he lost 3 lbs!  I'm not surprised he is so mobile now.
  • Size: diaper-5 clothes- 18 month 
  • two bottom teeth and I believe the top two are on their way too.
  • Still a great sleeper for the most part
  • Doing great with the cup and working on eating with a spoon.  If I dip it out and hand him the spoon he does perfect and hands it right back for more.
  • Walking every where!  He's not 100% steady but he rarely crawls now.
  • No change here....Food:  Loves to eat!  He eats any and everything. 
  • Whole milk and we are having to give him some juice for constipation occasionally, but then he has diarrhea so we are trying to figure this one out.
  • We are hoping he is not our biter.  We have noticed he appears to be trying to bite when he gets upset.  Hopefully that is just teething.  
  • He is a determined little thing.  
  • loves to be outside
  • Wants anything Brant has and if we give Brant something and do not give him the same thing he will notice and get upset already!

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