Thursday, June 10, 2010

Back from the beach!

Early Saturday morning Candace (this is Sam's girlfriend(Sam is Ike's little brother) ), Her Mom Ms. Allison, and I loaded up and headed to Destin for a girls trip. We had a great trip! It was very relaxing! We laid on the beach for 3 days with perfect weather, and shopped some at night! I even got in the water!! This is a BIG thing for me! In the past I barely get in the water above my ankles. It is crazy I know, I get in the mud river all the time. I have heard about the alligators and snakes and who knows what else that reside in our waters here, but I am not as scared. Weird I know! I guess because I grew up in these waters! :) These are my reasons for not getting in the ocean...
-SALT water, I feel like I can taste it for days!
-Seaweed! How this stuff manages to get into your swim suit is beyond me!
-Sharks, enough said!
-JELLYFISH, I have a fear of these things, I have never been stung and I would like to keep it that way!
And if all that was not bad enough when you are wet the sand seems to stick to you more!!
This time I decided to just give it another shot, I haven't really been IN the ocean since I was a freshman in high school. I must say it was fun, BUT on day three we were taking a little sun break and I look out and see a fin sticking up!!!!!! I am serious no more than 15 ft out! They SAID it was a dolphin, however I never saw it shoot out water, needless to say, I am back to the plan nothing above the ankles! :)
I really enjoyed spending time with these two! I was glad to get to know Candace better, since she maybe my sil some day! Being silly!

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