Monday, June 21, 2010

Family fun!

This past weekend Ms. Susie's family in Carthage had a get together since her brother from Oregon was here visiting. So Friday afternoon we went down there. They had tons of good food, and a band came to play. I think we were all a little surprised by the amount of people that showed up. There was at least 400 people, and they said that when they have these things there has been up to 700-800 people! We had originally planned to stay at the cabin but since the fun went on past our bed time we decided to get a hotel in Carthage. This was an adventure...there are 2 hotels in Carthage, the Carthage Inn and the Economy Inn. The Economy Inn was the best of these 2. Let's just say it was interesting ha! Then Saturday we went back to the family cabin. They took pictures of the family that attended Leake Academy.... the past, present, and future Rebels. There were a ton of them! Then we all took family pictures. I did not get many because there were so many cameras, maybe I can get a few from the others! Here are just a few from the weekend.
Ike and I getting ready for the band on Friday night!!!Ike, me, Samantha, and her husband Ryan

Samantha, our cousin!

This is the beds in the Economy Inn, LUCKILY Ms. Susie had brought bedding for the cabin so we put our stuff over theirs!This is all Ms. Susie's brothers and sisters and some of the grandchildren, a ton are still missingIke and I at the Cabin

Candace and I

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