Wednesday, June 16, 2010

More Buster...

Monday night I took Buster for a walk and we stopped by to see Addie. She is Ms. Allison's baby. These two went nuts when they laid eyes on each other. What is the first thing Buster does when they come out.... uses the bathroom right by the front door, and not just making his territory! How embarrassing! Thanks son! :) So we all walk back to my house and let the pups play for a while. The walk was quite interesting, Buster would not let her be in the lead if she got ahead he would pull me to get back in front of her!!! Dominate little thing! They ran crazy through our little house! Buster continued to embarrass his parents by being EXTREMELY forward with Addie.
Buster begging Addie to play!
Ok she is ready to play!
They took a break! For a SECOND!

At it again!
I got up during the night to go to the bathroom and someone had wet the floor!!!!! I am sure Buster marking his territory! :) Addie is one of the few dogs even close to Buster's hyper level! We loved our play date!

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The Jones said...

SO cute. I love that you had a play date for him. I think Mackenzie is finally old enough to give him a run for his money now. What do you think?