Thursday, June 24, 2010

Our dads!

I am a little late with this post but what's new! Last night we took my daddy out to eat because he was working on Father's day. Which just about describes him to a T. My dad is very hard working. I know I am so blessed to have him. He is such a great girl daddy! Poor thing had to live in a house with 3 girls, and this was challenging with all the screaming matches, pinching, bossing, and lets not forget his favorite the TEARS! He handled all that like a pro! I know I nearly drove him crazy in my teenage years with my attitude and stubbornness, mostly because I am JUST like him. My sister and I laugh because she and my mom are just alike and argued like crazy when we were growing up. I was the opposite, and it wasn't so much that my dad and I argued alot but when we did...oh dear the yelling, foot stomping, door slamming!! We both have a temper, and you would never think this by meeting him. ha, fun times! He seriously is such a great daddy, so good to us! Now Mr. Ira, Ike's dad... We got to celebrate with him on Sunday. Ms. Susie cooked a big lunch with lots of fresh vegetables from Mr. Ira's garden, soooo good. Mr. Ira works hard every year in his garden providing many tomatoes to the community! We look forward to these every year, last year for the first time I even enjoyed a few of these (I don't usually eat tomatoes). Mr. Ira is very old school, he is almost 71 after all. He loves that I "take care of" Ike, you know fix his plate and drink. Ha! So I have started making Mr. Ira's glass of tea for meal time too, and he loves it! I know just the combination of sweeteners 3 yellows and 2 pinks! Then we watched a little of the ball game with him, I have mentioned this before but he LOVES sports all of them! I forgot to get a picture of Ike and Mr. Ira on Sunday, but here they are headed out to enjoy something they both love, HUNTING!

Ike and I are both blessed with great dads, who we love very much!

***I just realized I never posted about Mother's day, I will do a mom post soon. They are awesome too!!!:)*****

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